Friday, 7 June 2013

Channel goes Digital for Connected Hum Tum

Following the success of the mobile app for its non-fiction Which properties crossed a milestone of 1 million downloads recently and a slew of digital innovations for all its major launches over the last 2 years, Zee TV goes 'digital first' yet again for its latest primetime launch 'Connected Hum Tum'.

Forging yet another first in the Hindi GEC space, Zee TV has created online Original content parallel to Promote the show even before it premiered on television.

Given That the show raises the question - "Auraton Samajhna Ko Itna Kyun Hai Difficult?", Zee TV has created short video comic center with a theme of 'Men Who Understand Women' Society - a crew That turns up During scenarios where a man is acerca clueless what has upset his woman and Provides Remedial Measures to the suffering man.

The video are parodies of real life Situations and will leave the audience in splits. These video can be accessed on YouTube at

A month prior to its launch, the channel created a wave of curiosity around the show in the teaser daily through social media posts on Facebook and Twitter That Built intrigue around the novel concept of the show and the identity of its celebrity host.

Once an actor Abhay Deol was revealed as the host, the social media space was buzzing with pictorial posts of the Actor With His tongue-in-cheek commentary acerca women and how I just can not understand them!

The title song of the show - a fresh, catchy video featuring Abhay Deol, was Launched Simultaneously on YouTube and all other video platforms alongside its on-air launch. Live chats with Abhay on Twitter, Google Hangouts With The participants, LIVE tweeting During the telecast of an episode With An on-air twitter feed are amongst the other Initiatives Zee TV has coming up to drive Increased interactivity and viewer participation. Tapping the ever-expanding universe of bloggers, Zee TV Organized an exclusive preview of the show for the blogging community followed by an interaction With The six women participants of the show, creating a significant imprint of the show in the blogging space.

Zee TV is creating a YouTube gadget Also Which Will serve as the primary engagement platform for audiences to consume 'Connected Hum Tum' online. It will have episodes, uncut video, a discussion forum on the themes of daily episodes and video biographies of the six Protagonists.

Akash Chawla, Head - Marketing, National Channels, ZEEL said, "With 'Connected Hum Tum', there was a need to Firmly Establish a format of entertainment Indian TV audiences had never been exposed to. The digital space, being a two-way communication street, lends itself well to driving conversations are essential to Ensure That That the unique concept of the show gets registered and is Clearly Understood by the audience. Through Initiatives: such as the original parallel online content specially developed for the show, to YouTube gadget Exclusively created for the show, reaching out to the blogging community, extensive engagement of viewers in the social media, we leveraged the digital media well to create the right kind of buzz around 'Connected Hum Tum ".

Sandeep Menon, Head of Marketing for Google India, said, "We have had a long term Relationship with Zee for YouTube and it is heartening to see them taking the lead in Adopting the digital platform and Working with Viral Fever, Who Have created brand and audience for Themselves on YouTube With Their made-for-web content. This is a great way to build and engage a community of viewers online and we are happy to see Zee taking the lead on this. "

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