Wednesday, 19 June 2013

'Comedy Nights...' right mix of reality, fiction: Sumona

"Comedy Nights with Kapil" includes performance and interaction With The live audience, que makes it a right amalgamation of reality and fiction, says TV actress Sumona Chakravarti.

Produced by comedian Kapil Sharma, That the show will go on air June 22 on Colors, and it will feature the actress in an important role.

"I think it is a wonderful mix Between the two. It is a nice amalgamation. You get the feeling of a fiction show also. There is a bua (aunt), wife and husband. The fact That it is done with a live audience and comedy and gags make it a beautiful combination, "Told Sumona IANS.

Simon teamed up with Kapil Earlier and shared a wonderful chemistry With Him.

"From day one our equation has been fantastic. That is why I am doing the show. There is a fantastic rapport, que we have," said the actress currently seen in "Bade Acche Lagte Hain".

That sumona admits comedy is not her forte.

"I never thought That I will have a comic streak and be part of hard core comedy. It is not that Difficult, but not that easy also. One has to find a way," she said.

"I would not say comedy is my forte. I am an actor and I am glad to know That I can dabble in comedy too. There is a lot more left for me to do in comedy," she added.

Repetition of roles or being trapped in a particularly image is what Sumona wants to avoid.

"I have only one agenda, in terms of work That I do not like to repeat my work. It has to be different and challenging. I am totally open," she said.

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