Tuesday, 25 June 2013

When Angad Hasija missed his Gym!

We all know That Angad Hasija is a fitness freak and the player who has been working hard on his physique quiet has one of the best physique's in the TV industry.

But Angad who is currently seen as Kunal Chabra in Rajan Shahi's Amrit Manthan had to miss out on his gym session due to his on-screen wedding.

Angad is a fitness freak to the Extent That everyone around him knows of his obsession gym. Recently, Angad got married on-screen shooting and due to long hours I had to skip his session work out Which He never does. The player is so addicted to his workout sessions That rather than going home and relaxing I prefers Directly going to gym after pack-up from sets.

Sources from the sets of Amri Manthan Informed us, "The moment everyone on the sets Learnt That Angad will be skipping his workout session the atmosphere Became funny. Everyone That started teasing him now how I will manage since not going to gym is like not breathing for him. "

When Contacted Angad said, "Work is worship. Rajan Shahi's production house is accommodating They always let me go to the gym and are very adjusting. This is for the first time, I could not go and everyone started pulling my leg. We are in the entertainment business so fitness and looking good go hand in hand. I feel fresh and extremely relaxed when i workout. I can not think of life without going to gym "

Well, we just hope Angad That you do not miss out on your gym sessions in future.

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