Monday, 10 June 2013

I will never marry an actress: Anas Rashid

 Anas Rashid, popular as Suraj Rathi from 'Diya Aur Baati Hum', is a confused man Especially when it comes to matters of the heart. His Popularity has earned him a huge fan Following Such That he is inundated with daily calls from girls.

"Now, I have many options Within the industry and outside as well (laughs). School-going girls, college students, and even married women seem to love me. Somehow, They dig out my number and call me. So, I am confused who to finally marry, "says the 35-year-old actor, who has been linked to TV actress Rati Pandey, currently seen in Hitler Didi, for the past many years.

However, the player denies this, "Rati and I were never in a relationship and are not getting married.'ve Simply been friends. It is because i am a very friendly guy inka So They think haan chal raha hai koi chakkar. But I do not care a damn to what others think, I am not answerable to anybody. "

However, Anas has DECIDED That I will never marry an actress. "My upbringing and the atmosphere at home will not permit me to do so. My mother and sister wear burqa. So, how can my wife be seen on television? It will not be right. Even as I will be living with my wife in Mumbai, she will be seen on the screen, she will be exposed and my folks out there will have to bear taunts of relatives, "I rues, Continuing," There is no point in her keeping her pallu on her head. How will I Be Able to stop her from hugging, kissing and consummation scenes? "

So is this the reason for his 'split' with Rati? "I Believe That if I am dating someone then I Should marry the girl. Rati lives in the same building. Tread That path But why? Jis gaon nahi jaana kyun hi Raasta USKA Pooche? And I do not want to marry a working woman or an actress, "says Anas.

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