Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sheryln Chopra heats up Splistsvilla-6

Along with the wicked Nikhil Chinapa, this will be a season like never before. The war of love gets hotter than ever as the season moves to the land of spices-Kerala.

MTV is back with a new season of 'MTV Splitsvilla' to be hot as hell in the game of love. The show in its sixth season will be 8 boys and 8 girls competing for the love and victory. The war of love gets hotter than ever as it moves to the land of spices - Kerala. The theme for MTV Splitsvilla Season 6 is "Hot As Hell" and stay in tune with the theme of sexy siren Sherlyn Chopra has been roped in MTV VJ Nikhil Chinapa to host the show. Adjustment to increase the temperature of the television screen of 25thMay, Saturday at 19:00 only on MTV!

Love War nervous, raw and wild and raises the level of this season as the sizzling Sherlyn Chopra will play Cupid to the contestants. Only the hot and spicy survive in this game of love to win the enviable crown king and queen. Instincts survival this season are based on seduction, sex appeal and only the hottest and most daring emerge as survivors. This season also introduces a new feature called quotient Itching to be judged by Sherlyn Chopra. Aligned with the hot topic that hell will emphasize the physical attributes of the participants, where they have to prove they are hot enough to be on the show. Besides the convenience factor also based on the contestants will be judged not merely on looks alone, but the attitude, strength, competitiveness and confidence too. So the risks increase and the ratio rises as itching 8 men and 8 women begin to play the game of love.

Aditya Swamy, EVP and Head of Channel, MTV India, says: "We are very excited about adding a new twist on the format and most popular show on television just hot.'s The freshness that has ensured that the show is successfully in the sixth season. Splitvsilla The brand has become so popular that we now have several extensions. including rupture Web Exclusive Diaries & Lovisodes, Splitsvilla Theme parties across the country, a variety of underwear Spiltsvilla are just some of the things that we added to the franchise in recent years. Undoubtedly the number 1. reality show Romance of Youth ".

Sherlyn Chopra adds, "Splitsvilla gets hotter and hotter this season.'m Very excited to be hosting this show uber cool youth, as it gives me ample room to express my individuality in ways more than one. In land of spices with every hot young participants, it will be a helluva experience.'m excited about the public response. "

MTV VJ Nikhil Chinapa, says, "It's been six years since we started the game of love and I am excited to be back with a brand new campaign Splitsvilla. Each season gets better and better, this year the game of love will be more difficult, but fun with new twists and turns.'s not going to be an easy battle for girls and children. ".... He added "The show is hot, spicy, on the premises of the land of spices, Kerala."
In the land of the spices of the 8 girls and 8 boys will fight the battle of love in the picturesque backwaters of Kerala. Season 6 will raise the temperature high, and they say all is fair in love and war. Watch the hot and spicy game of love, where intrigue, seduction, the route goes a notch higher as it is survival of the hottest, while the less desirable get dragged each week.

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