Thursday, 2 May 2013

Manasi Parekh Gohil don't want to limit herself on TV

Manasi Parekh Gohil in getting a new lid with his musical output and more in a chat with TOI

Decoding showbiz equation seems to have taken the actor and singer Manasi Parekh Gohil to exploring new frontiers. Manasi, is seen multitasking in life, to occupy the space with its numerous batches advertising advertising, taking as example an anchor and be equally committed to their efforts as the game plays Nachiyo Bahut Gopal. In a chat with TOI, Manasi talks about his latest creative outlet (as she is dating her single sung along with Jahnvi Srimankar), the propensity to take risks in entertainment and much more. Excerpts from the interview:
His game Maru Gayu Piyu Rangoon that has so much appreciation. What made you change focus to sing?
I've been leaning towards music and wanted to get something concrete since winning the reality show Star Ya Rockstar music. In fact, it had gotten so many offers as an actor-singer to publish the series, but I wanted to do something that will give me more creative satisfaction.

Is there a risk involved in launching itself an independent musician and singer?
As an artist who does not take risks. Risks allow you to grow. The independent music scene in India is very promising now. So I thought this is the time to get one. An album would not have been economically viable at this juncture. So Jhanvi and I was the only ourselves. What is encouraging is today the young in India are exposed to world music and there is a large audience in India, looking for something more than the music of Bollywood. A lot of new ground is being created as a result.

In recent times, we see that multitasking. You made her debut as a theater director and have been spotted in many TVC too.
I just do not want to limit myself to a particular genre on television. This made me think about doing something more than usual. I have not departed from the main occupation. All my activities are interrelated. I branched right to entertainment related fields. Therefore, I am doing commercials, directing theater and started producing plays too apart from acting in shows. I have a show in a row. I've always been curious to try my hand at several things.

As a singer you think fusion music found sponsorship in India?
Experimentation and work interests me melt. So I took Saawariya, Thumri sung my late Nirmala Devi (Govinda's mother) and reworked with the infusion of electronics. The fusion of Indian classical music with a mix of western notes always inspired me. In today's world, where almost everyone is exposed to the merger - like fusion food, many languages, including spoken English is a fusion of English and Hindi - Hinglish. So this makes it easy for independent musicians who aspire to create their own space in the hearts of music lovers.

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