Thursday, 30 May 2013

My boyfriend doesn’t enjoy watching my romantic scenes: Sukirti Kandpal

There is much talk about arrogant and rude behavior. But when you talk to Sukirti Kandpal, is completely taken by surprise. After chasing her for nearly a week, the first thing you say is "sorry. Many explanations I owe you." On his arrogant behavior, she laughs and says: "I am not 'A arrogant.'m A private person."

Excerpts from the interview:

In its current program, is played almost as NRI girl you did in the previous show. Why did you decide to be repetitive?
l My previous character was not in the same line - it's just that I was an NRI girl there too. My character Simran in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai ... Ajab Sa Risk Hai is a new feature - where you get to see me on two extreme avatars (Traditional and Western). This show is a risk calculator, but I'm ready to take it.

Many television programs are now being established in urban areas, why?
Over the years, people have moved from rural areas to cities in search of work. The urban Indian people easily relate to this type of television programming. While people living in rural areas want to understand and learn about the lifestyle of the urban population.

Do you think that if one has good looks half the battle is won in the entertainment industry?
Are you saying this to me? (Laughter) If you were in a job 9-6, I would come home and see someone nice on TV. I do not mean that someone has to be beautiful, but it must be a pleasant personality. By the time you look at a flower you feel good - that's exactly what makes a person beautiful. With good looks, things certainly become easier.

You have a great fan following, how to deal with it?
l Sometimes the fans want instant reactions from us that is not possible all the time. They have to understand that we work 24x7. No I have very personal with many fans. I talk to fans, but I'm not in touch with male fans. So far, I have had pleasant experiences. I want patience gift to my fans.

How are you doing with your boyfriend Rishabh Jain?
"A classic romance novel" completely describes my relationship with Rishabh. Has no problem with my profession, but sometimes does not like to see my romantic scenes. He is possessive over me and I'm fine with that.'ve Not thought of marrying, but as I am a very impulsive - even I can do it tomorrow. (laughs)

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