Thursday, 30 May 2013

Everyone recognises and appreciates me now: Faisal Khan

 He rose to fame after winning 'DID Li'l Masters 2. Life took a turn when Faisal Khan Mumbai boy, who studies in class IX, won a million hearts with her beautiful smile and amazing dance moves. The youngster is all set to make his debut on the small screen as the young protagonist of the series, 'Maharana Pratap. In a friendly chat with TOI, Faisal opens up about her love for acting, and how things are slowly falling into place.

Ask him how life has changed after winning a dance reality show and answers Faisal, "Pehle mujhe log jaante jaante jo nahi the aur wo bhi zyada nahi puchte the. Now everyone recognizes and appreciates me my dancing wherever you go . "

Ask him about his change to acting and Faisal says: "It has always been my dream to become an actor. That is something I am very passionate about, apart from dancing. I feel very fortunate that I have been selected for such an important role for my first show and I hope people will like me. " Ask if you have butterflies in your stomach before your shoot and says, "I'm getting ready for the show. Shuddh I have to speak Hindi for this role and not easy to talk regularly Hindi (I say words like avashya, etc..) Is necessary to have a certain attitude to get in the skin of the character, as Maharana Pratap, as we all know, was a brave fighter and well known historical figure. Even taking the costumes well is important. Moreover, we started shooting in Rajasthan (Jaisalmer ) and is very hot at this time of year, Bahot zyada Garmi thi. still shoot was fun, until I learned of riding ". But Faisal makes it a point to show their love of dance and quickly added his Hindi Mumbaiya, "kabhi nahi Mera chhutega dance. Know that I will not get to dance in this program, but I'll keep dancing otherwise."

The young actor is enjoying a new phase of your life and this is evident when he talks about acting. "Now my holidays are taking what we do not have to worry much about balancing my work and studies. Even after my holidays are over, I manage," he says. But when he is not acting or dancing, Faisal added another skill to their creative list. He laughs and says, "I like to sing, but my voice is not very good, but I see Hrithik Roshan He is a great actor, great dancer and can sing also idolize and hope to be like him ... one day."

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