Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ridheema Tiwaris phone vows!

Ridheema Tiwari, who is currently seen as ravishing Rasika was in for a rude shock barred When her mobile services .. she Realized the services were barred Because only on payment of Rs 60.

She says, "I had paid in round figure and when to I called helpline They told me even if you pay a Rupee less the system treats it as non payment. It shocks me to know .. big companies like that to Their treat customers who use phone regularly. I feel There should be atleast 100 or 200 Rs minimum system less thing Should then only react. actors We use phone more than others and customers need to be taken care of keeping in mind the profile of user.

On Being Asked acerca Rasika her character in It's an Entirely different story beginning in September up with from Kashmir & then in Mumbai ... showing a huge contrast in cultures, lifestyles, outlook, upbringing, perception Between Kashmiris & Mumbaiites ... Also it touches Sensitive issues with some Kashmiri Such novice. Also be ready to have some stuff Mumbaiyaa matak chatak. Which is going to give the viewers a taste of Mumbai bhelpuri with Kashmir twist "

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