Monday, 8 July 2013

I’ll never let success go to my head: Shamin Mannan

Shamin Mannan Risks and loves taking the biggest one she took was When She left studies to Become an actress. Followed Difficult times but That did not deter her. Since debuting on Television with Santaan, there has been no looking back for Shamin. Shamin who's essaying the role of an NRI bahu in Sanskaar: Dharohar Apnon Ki, was recently in town When we caught up with her.

Shamin, who was in Ahmedabad for the first time, says, "This is my first visit to the city and I had to tell the producers two months back that I'd be taking a leave today. Shooting schedules can be hectic but I have no complaints. Everywhere I go, people Recognize me as Bhoomi. They Also think I am a Gujarati! "

Looking back, Shamin says, "I am from Assam and was studying engineering in Bangalore When a friend told me acerca a modeling assignment in Mumbai. My parents were paranoid when i left studies to Pursue acting. But I convinced them to give me six months to prove myself. After They saw me on TV, They were happy. I played a parallel lead in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann and a negative role in Mata Ke Charnon Mein Swarg pitah.'d always wanted to play the main protagonist in a show and was getting depressed When Things did not work out. I did TV comercials to support myself financially "she says.

Shamin life confesses Has not changed too much after joining TV. She says, "I was quite shy in school so When my friends saw me on TV, They were pleasantly surprised and told me how I'd ever imagined They Could not do TV. I do not let success go to my head or else I'll Become arrogant. "

She adds, "My co-actors Jay (Soni) used to play pranks on me all the time and I used to get very irritated. We did not click initially. I take time to open up. But we are good friends now and if I tries to pull my leg I give it back to him. "

Shamin who loves traveling and has formally training in belly dancing and salsa, says she'd "love to Participate in a reality show" and admits while she has "no definite plans for the future, she'd love to do Bollywood films, May be something on the lines of Fukrey Which has an ensemble cast. "

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