Thursday, 11 February 2016

Sita - Ram has always been an essential part of Hindu mythology and history has influenced civilizations worldwide . However , each unique interpretation of this story is seen as the story of Ram , Sita and hardly finds a mention in these versions . ' Siya Ke Ram ' is bringing viewers a new perspective on Ramayana , where you will see the story from the perspective of Sita.
The program airs on Star Plus at 7 pm .

The TV show 'Siya Ram Ke' will soon see the entrance to kidnap Sita and Ravan. But in real life, the actors who play Sita and Ravan - Madirakshi Mundle and Kartik Jayaram - are close friends. In fact, when manufacturers were in the process of finalizing its Ravan, who was reported Madirakshi Karthik auditions. The actor, who has made many Kannada films, says, "I found Madirakshi during the filming of an advertisement in which we played husband and wife. We became friends and, in fact, it was she who told me that the house production was auditioning for the role of Ravan. and even before she was selected, I was chosen. "ask him about his role and says," I did not want to do television, but this is a difficult role. the Ravan best I seen so far is promulgated by Arvind Trivedi in Ramayan of Ramanand Sagar. I do not think anyone can beat that performance. I'm looking forward to playing the character. "

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